RHIB and Mini-bus Tours

Book your RHIB tour on our 'Little Viv' our commercially endorsed seated boat offering a number of tours of the North Wales Coastline. Our informational guided tours offer a unique perspective of the area. All customers on board are given a personal headset to listen to our knowledgable guides. 

Menai Strait Tour £25

This 1 hour trip will take you up the Menai Strait, giving you the chance to explore the historic Britannia and Menai Bridges from the sea. During the trip we will pass the monumental statue of Lord Nelson and Caernarfon Castle ,and have the opportunity to see, a vast varitety of marine life such as dolphins and seals, as well as sea birds. During the trip our on-board guide will talk you through the entire trip. A great way to learn more about the area.

Menai & Puffin Island Tour £65

Carry on up the Menai with this 3 hour trip and we will come to Puffin Island, renowned for the birds its named after. Sightings of puffins through the months of April - August. The area is also home to a small colony of seals that reside on the island, and a variety of marine birds. Our on-board guide will be on hand to talk you through the entire trip, giving you insight to the historical areas up the Menai and things to see once we reach our destination at Puffin Island. On-board communications and binoculars and provided to everyone on-board to make the most of your tour.

3 Castles tour £99

If Castles are of interest, then this trip may be for you. This full day tour takes you to explore Dolbadarn Castle, Caernarfon Castle and Beumaris Castle. Our minibus will collect you from our dive centre Vivian, and take you via road to the first of our castles, Dolbadarn. Built in the 13th Century, the castle featured a large stone keep, which is still standing today. Interestingly some of the timbers from this castle were taken to build Caernarfon Castle by Edward 1st.

After visiting Dolbadarn, we will then head towards the mouth of the Menai, via our seated RHIB boat, passing through the bridges and up towards the second of our castles, Caernarfon. Here you will have 45 minutes to walk around and explore the castle grounds. The castle, famous for its investiture of the Prince of Wales, was built in the 11th Century. The castle walls and grounds hold a vast amount of heritage for you to explore.

After exploring Caernarfon, we will make our way further up the Menai towards Beumaris. Construction started in the 13th Century, to form part of the 'Iron Ring' by Edward the 1st. Despite the castle never being finished, the structure and symetery are something to behold and a great one to explore.

 Along the way our guides will be on-hand talking you through the area via on-board communications provided to each passenger. Once arriving at Beumaris, you will have the opportunity to explore the castle grounds for 1 hour. 

The collection from Beumaris will be via our mini-bus whereby you will be given a further tour of the island, and back to Vivian Dive Centre.

This tour is a great way to explore the history of the island from both sea and land.

Please note that Beumaris castle, has an additional fee to enter the castle, payable to the National Trust on-site.