Kit Hire and Air Fills

Travel light and hire quality Diving equipment from us.
  1. Dry Suit
    Stay warm and hire one of our Drysuits. All of our Drysuits can be hired with thermal clothing to keep you warm. Drysuit: £15 for the day Undersuit: £10 for the day
  2. Regulators
    Why bring all of your own kit? Hire some of our regualtors for the day and travel light. Regulator (DIN): £15 for the day
  3. BCD
    Hire one of our well maintained BCD's on site. We have all sizes on offer. BCD (Any size): £15 for the day
  4. Masks and Fins
    Mask: £5 for the day Fins: £5 for the day
  5. Ancillary Equipment
    Dive computer: £15 Torch: £5 Weight Belt inc weights: £10 Hood: £3 Gloves: £3
  6. Air Fills
    7/10/12 litre tanks: £4 15 litre tanks: £4.50 TANK HIRE: £10 for the day inc first air fill

Need a full set?

Hire a full set of equipment for £45.
This set includes:

- Regulators
- Fins
- Mask
- Thermal undersuit
- Drysuit
- Hood
- Gloves
- Weights
- Tank